Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

Today’s Spooky September Challenge was supposed to be my favourite campfire story, but anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I don’t camp. I haven’t been camping for about fifteen years now, and that last time was supposed to teach me about all the awesome things I’ve missed out on, not being a camper (it was cold and rained almost the entire trip. Seriously. We had to go back into town to get a tarp because nobody brought one. Not my best weekend, only salvaged by good company).

So, instead, I bring you an update on the things I do when other people are telling stories around a bonfire. I knit.

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Moar Stripes

I have a weird feeling that this scarf/shawlette may actually fit me. I’m also impressed with the camera in my iPod (it’s been handy, and doesn’t seem to distort colour the way my cell phone recently has). The “point” of the scarf (and thus the current “middle” of the scarf) is up on the stool….

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Don’t Panic

Remember this? It’s been ripped back and now being knit as such: May I just say that I’m loving the HitchHiker pattern by Martina Behm?  And that I’m particularly loving it as a Noro striped-scarf? I’m also thinking that the pattern might be a good knit for some of my completed handspun. It’s definitely worth…

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