Spooky September Challenge: Campfire stories? Nah!

Today’s Spooky September Challenge was supposed to be my favourite campfire story, but anyone who knows me well enough is aware that I don’t camp. I haven’t been camping for about fifteen years now, and that last time was supposed to teach me about all the awesome things I’ve missed out on, not being a camper (it was cold and rained almost the entire trip. Seriously. We had to go back into town to get a tarp because nobody brought one. Not my best weekend, only salvaged by good company).

So, instead, I bring you an update on the things I do when other people are telling stories around a bonfire. I knit.

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Socks! Pair #1 is done.

My knitting output has slowed down a bit in the past month. I’m blaming it on three things…finally having some time to relax, catching a cold, and video gaming.

The first one is easy…the big Yule rush is over, so I can take my time. No hurry, right?

The second and third? Well, when I catch a cold, I don’t necessarily want to be sneezing into my knitting. I’m making handknits, not plague blankets. Last thing I need to do is to spread my winter cold to some poor, unsuspecting person who just happened to receive an item from my knitting basket. It just happened this year that I caught some tummy bug that manifested on the night of Christmas Day – and then just as I was recovering from that, I caught yet another cold that knocked me flat on my arse.
That said, there has been some knitting.

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Big feet!

It started out so innocently. I thought I would knit my Mum a pair of socks for Yule. Keep her feet toasty warm. Then, when my proficiency with knitting socks became apparent, the hints started dropping. I now knit a minimum of four pairs of socks per Yule. One for each of our parents. I put a pair of socks in a decorative tin with their name on it. The deal is that if they want socks next year, the tin comes back to me. Without fail, the tin comes back. The request is fulfilled. I have some family members with very happy feet.


The first socks, of course, were seen on Tuesday. These were my Mum-in-Law’s socks, and as mentioned, the Husbeast picked out the colours. What you didn’t see on Tuesday were everyone else’s socks. These weren’t even the first ones finished.

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The things I wanted to show off but didn’t…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m horrible at self-editing and not posting current projects as they wind up becoming gifts for family and friends and I never want to either get hopes up or ruin a surprise.  I’m hoping to stop that practice come the New Year, as I’m going to try spacing my knits out…

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