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It started innocently enough. I saw a pattern and thought it looked intriguing. I had a couple of balls of Noro sock yarn that were languishing due to the fact that I have some known issues with Kureyon, and got curious as to whether they would look good together.

The answer to this, by the way, is yes. Yes, they look very nice together, and I didn’t have to worry about my usual problems with Noro Kureyon as I was carrying it in my left hand where it wouldn’t pull too roughly on my fingers. The other yarn is Silk Garden Sock, and it popped against the Kureyon really nicely. Someone is going to be very warm this winter.


You’d think that would be it and I’d move along, but no. I was looking at the “suggested yarns” section of the pattern on Ravelry and noticed that they recommended Lion Brand Amazing. It’s not as expensive as Noro, and it’s just as soft and warm. ย So I picked up a bit of yarn at Michaels. I may have to revisit it to make some alterations for fit, but it’s sure snuggly!


That’s it, right? ย Um….no. I went stash diving for yarn that would be appropriate for someone in particular and came up with some handspun.


What do I love about this pattern? It’s playful. You can be vastly entertained by the excitement of the colour changes and the ongoing cliffhanger as to whether there’s enough yarn to finish. There are unlimited combinations, unlimited possibilities.

I’ve been liking the “Steampunk” version, but that’s mainly due to the familiarity of it after the first one. Again…unlimited possibilities.

Now I have to decide which of the other projects on my needles to work with!


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