Static Cling

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There must be something in the air because it appears I’m not the only one having issues with “involved” projects (honestly, it’s like the woman is looking in my kitchen window, much like my mother used to accuse Lynn Johnston of doing lo those many years ago*).  But wait…what is that?

That would happen to be a decision.  You notice that the ball attached to the sock is rather small, and the second ball is much larger and somewhat…crinkly looking.  That would be because I frogged back the non-matching, cuff-down, mate to the current sock.  I also calculated how much yarn would belong to each sock, and got crazy with the ball winder and the kitchen scale.  Finally, I figured out which direction the stripes were going for both and realized I’d be tossing out a good inch and a half of knit sock if I tried to match things up.  I’ve decided that I’m not going to care about whether the stripes match.  What I’m going to care about is that I have a wonderfully simple sock to knit, and it’s the beginning of the weekend.

It’s a beautiful feeling sometimes, just letting go.  I spent the day feeling frustrated, as the long (commercial) tunic-sweater I was wearing had decided that today would be a nice day to go all static cling on me.  I was a walking puffball of pent-up energy in more way than one until I got home and changed.  However…the decision to just let go and allow myself to knit something really simple?  That was like an anti-static spray to the soul.

*they have the same publisher too, apparently.  Somehow, I’m not sure this is a coincidence…

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