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We meant to go on the Full Moon Ride this month, but it didn’t happen.  For starters, with me getting over the flu, we weren’t sure that I would be able to make it. Second, I have to work today. So instead, we decided to get on the bikes and head for dinner.

We took the C-Train down to Inglewood and watched some geese from one of the bridges over the Bow. You can’t see it from this angle, but the geese seemed to be protecting a duck and her ducklings that were at the bank of the river. We always enjoy stopping to check out the wildlife along the way. It’s one of the perks of cycling instead of driving.

We met up with our friend Chelsea on the path and locked up outside Swans Pub in Inglewood.  What you’re seeing there is a little bit of overkill. Three bikes U-locked together and to the bike rack, with a cable lock in the wheels for good measure.

Swans itself? Pretty good food, a little on the slow side of service, but we weren’t really minding that. Afterwards, we headed a little farther down the path to Chelsea’s, had a cup of tea (coffee for those who could drink such), and chatted for a bit before Robin and I headed back up to the C-train. We learned something: Because there is no lighting on the path system at night, you need a really strong headlight to navigate the area. We wound up walking for a small portion of the way before we were back to an area near the road and street lights.  If I have one criticism, that would be it.  Way to go, protecting a lady on the path after dark, City of Calgary…

We got home around midnight, and I was up this morning at 5.  Tired…but it was a good evening out.

Though I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow… 😉


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