New Sock Pattern coming soon: 28:06:42:12

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"...that is when the world will end..."

I figured I would make this an official post rather than a hint in the sidebar of the website for October’s Skinflint Sock Club project. I’m very close to finishing test sock #1 for my new pattern release, 28:06:42:12. If those numbers sound familiar, it’s because that is when the world will end.

I will have two sizes calculated out, one for medium, and one for large.  As I suspect the large one will fit the husbeast (who may become my (un)willing model for the pattern photo), you should be able to fit this sock on most average width feet. I’m actually pretty surprised at how stretchy the leg is turning out to be. My first draft fit a little tight, which is why I went up a size to begin with. Either way, it should be fairly easy to resize if need be.

What will you need for this little project, should you choose to join in?
100gr grey-blue fingering weight sock yarn
1 to 2 vials of #8 beads in Gunmetal (or, if your yarn is rather dark, try some frosted white beads instead)
Cable Needle.  Maybe. Depends on whether or not you’re adept at cabling without one.

A rather nify sidebar to all this? The husbeast mentioned that the leg design would make a great set of armwarmers for thems who cycle. I’m almost inclined to agree with him.

So, grab some yarn for October, snag a DVD or Blu-Ray of Donnie Darko wherever you buy your movies (or rent it on Netflix) and settle in.  Socktoberfest is coming soon!


5 responses to “New Sock Pattern coming soon: 28:06:42:12

  1. Sherri Holtz

    What will the medium fit?  Just wondering how much math I’d have to do to fit my size 7 feet 🙂

    • The medium will be 64 sts around.  For you, I’d probably go down a needle size to be on the safe side. You’re a size 7, but a size 7 petite (thin ankles). 🙂

    • I would give the sock pattern a look before deciding not to bead. There are two places where the beads are used (bunny motif down the front, and the design on the back of the sock), so it’s pretty integral.

      Beading is really Not Hard At All. I use a variation on the floss method, which is super easy (and all you need, when it comes down to it, is a roll of dental floss). The variation I use is just that I went to the Safeway and picked up a little box of the wee plastic threaders that folks use for cleaning gaps in their teeth or braces. Cost less than $5. Extended the threader with a length of doubled sewing thread, and the knot at the end is where my beads stop. Works great!

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