Things that scare me

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This week’s Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge is all about the things that scare me. It’s like they know that SFFH readers/writers have an overabundance of anxiety we’re willing to share, isn’t it?

Wednesday Weekday Blogging Challenge

The WWBC is a weekly blog hop hosted by Long and Short Reviews. Last week we talked about books recommended to us by others. Maybe go on over and see what everyone else is scared by this week!

Real Life

I had a whole section here on why politics in Alberta is one of the things that scares me. You don’t need to read that. I edited it out. Needless to say, my wacky leftist arse hopes Alberta remembers why we voted the Conservatives out in the first place.

Creepy tales on YouTube

For some reason, YouTube keeps popping up videos about ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and Creepy Reddit Threads. And, like the sucker I am, I click on them.

And then I remember I’m alone in the house because The Husbeast is at work, and I give myself a good scare. Why?

Because my desk is located at one end of the room, and the only entrance exit is behind me.

House of Leaves

Tea, a sock-in-progress, and House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski
Tea, a sock-in-progress, and House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski

On the list of things that scare me, House of Leaves ranks right up there. Yes, I know it’s a book and the big bad novel isn’t going to hurt me. It’s what happened while I was reading the book that gave me the willies.

This isn’t the looming dread of politics. It’s good old “don’t go into the basement’ fear. The story in HOL creeps up on you. Next thing you know, you’re one of two women working alone at night in a dark building, and you’re having to ask your co-worker to go with you to the bathroom. Yes.

And, literally, don’t go into the basement. The book screws with the way you see darkness and stair cases. At the same time.

I’ll have to do a review soon. It’s a pretty amazing book.

Things that scare me #1: Mrs. P.

Mrs. P was my teacher in Grade Five. She was awesome. Seriously, she was an amazing teacher. She didn’t belittle me for my poor math skills, and she loved the fact that I was a reader. Mrs. P. was easily one of my favourite elementary-school teachers.

She became the school librarian the year later, and started a book club. To participate, you just had to write a book review after you finished a book.

Dear readers, I read a LOT of books. If you quizzed me on them, I could tell you exactly what I read. It was awesome. Until it wasn’t.

You see, I’m really good at paraphrasing. And summarizing (sometimes). So I’d write my little summary and hand it in to Mrs. P.

She wouldn’t accept them. Told me it sounded like I was just copying the back cover blurb. When I showed her that this wasn’t the case, she told me all about paraphrasing, and how that wasn’t the same as reading the book.

I spent a lot of time being confused, because I thought I was doing exactly what she wanted: Tell her about the book, but don’t spoil the ending.

So Dear Readers, if you want to know what really scares me?

Writing Book Reviews.

Please be gentle. πŸ™‚


13 responses to “Things that scare me

  1. lydiaschoch

    Ha! Writing book reviews is a skill that definitely takes time to master. I’m glad you eventually figured it out. πŸ™‚

    And I try to avoid the creepy tales section on Youtube unless it’s daylight out. It can be pretty scary otherwise.

    My post.

    • For me, it’s like driving past a car wreck. Sometimes you just can’t resist the urge to stop and rubberneck.

      Unfortunately, the YouTube algorithm has discovered this failure in my personality, and has exploited it. Along with my fascination for historical costuming. It makes for some really strange choices in my “recommended viewing” list.

    • I love my librarians! I spent a semester working in the high school library rather than take a spare. If I’d been thinking, I probably would have gone into library sciences. There’s just something about being in a building full of books all day, meeting other readers, that’s really satisfying.

      I think Mrs. P meant well, she just wasn’t very helpful in her explanation of what she actually required of me. πŸ˜‰

  2. My kid LOVES the creepy stuff … she talks about Creepy Pasta all the time. I, OTOH, tend to stay away. My imagination takes that stuff and runs with it, lol.

    RE: reviews — writing good ones is HARD which is why we don’t see them as often as we might wish. But when you do? It’s amazing. πŸ™‚

    • For someone who likes horror, I needed the Husbeast to explain Creepypasta to me (a couple of years ago).

      I thought it was Spaghetti-O’s.


  3. I understand totally why you deleted/edited the politics section. Really, I do. Hugs. I’ve only ever had one book truly creep me out and that was Lisey’s Story by Stephen King. The can opener. Shudder.
    Good list!

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