What was that about muffins?

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I mentioned that there probably wouldn’t be any pictures of muffins on my blog right?  I lied.

Low-Carb Cream Cheese Muffins

I found a low-carb muffin recipe and decided to give it a whirl.  Ingredients?  Cream Cheese, Eggs, Splenda, Vanilla and cinnamon (just a little tapped on top for a bit of zest). They’re currently cooling on the counter, and I look forward to giving them a taste.  In a spot of whimsy, I decided to make half with my silicone cups, and half with my sparkly silver paper muffin cups.

Don’t get used to baked goods on the blog, though. I don’t know of a lot of low-carb baked desserts, and part of the point to going low-carb is to get off the sugar and sweets. My palate is definitely wired for sweet rather than savoury, and that’s something I’m trying to fix.

Also, I’m not a big fan of those “Look at what I baked” posts. I’d much rather see a dinner post or a lunch. While I do have vegetarian and vegan friends, and I respect their food choices, I find that most of the baked-good posts (whether it’s intended or not) smell a little bit of “look what I can eat and still remain a skinny hipster”. This is a problem that I, personally, have to deal with, as a sideways look at sugar causes me to inflate like a parade balloon. There’s definitely a post in there, and it’s one that I’m working on in my spare time. The trick will be to try and present it without bitterness or blame. My body and food issues have issues of their own!

At any rate, these little baked babies will be going in my lunch for work today, and I’ll let you know how they turn out! Next thing to figure out?  How to use these lovely apples:

Last year we only had 1 apple and someone stole it!

They came off the tree in our front yard.  There are a couple more that are still ripening that are far enough up that I don’t think the neighbours will snitch them, but I’m keeping an eye on them. My only current idea is an apple crisp from my Mum’s recipe. It’s definitely not low-carb, but I think that since these apples have spent the summer growing in a totally non-commercial environment, I can afford to make them just a little bit naughty.  I’ll likely have to combine them with a couple of grocery store apples to get the bulk I need, but definitely will be a home-grown-dominant effort. (Reminds me, I still have to bribe Lhiabelle into coming over here & “helping” with my garden…)

I felt it strangely appropriate that I knit a Yarn Harlot pattern on DPNs

Last but not least, I cast on my September socks.  Earl Grey in Trekking XXL.  Really very damn pretty, but in a manly kinda way.  Handsome?  Yes, most definitely. It will give me something to work on while I figure out how I want to do the heel on the current design socks.


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    • That actually looks like a pretty amazing recipe. No, it’s not LC, but it’s not overloaded with icing, and that’s something we really don’t see a lot these days. I’m thinking I’ll have to bookmark it, and next time I’m looking to make a really worthwhile “treat”, maybe for a family dinner, it will go on my (admittedly small) rotation.

      Thank you!! 😀

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