A Few of my Favourite Things

Posted January 6, 2011 by Maire in Writing / 2 Comments

The Daily Post wanted to know what makes me smile, and wouldn’t you know it, but a lot of things make me smile.  This lovely mosaic is by no means complete; there are a lot more people, places and things out there that I haven’t managed to take a decent picture of yet!

Which, of course, is a polite way of me saying that when I’ve tried to take a picture of you, the picture sucked…if you’re wondering why your picture isn’t in the mosaic.  I bet you think this song is about you, too 😉


2 responses to “A Few of my Favourite Things

  1. Chelsea

    …so morgan and I have the same hair and glasses.

    Why didn’t I notice that before? because I totally went WAIT why am I sitting next to Dale-oh!

    • That’s actually a really old pic of Morgan…as evidenced by the fact that it was taken in our old basement. I really ought to get around to uploading the pics from just before Yule.

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