Robin grilled up some salmon tonight, and we had it with some caesar salad.  Now, I know that there’s at least one Doubting Thomas who will find this unlikely, so I took a picture.  As they say, pictures or it didn’t happen…


See?  That’s my plate.  Green stuff is salad.  Salmon-coloured stuff is….salmon.

For those of you who are utterly confused, my Dad likes salmon (his name is also Thomas, and why he would doubt that I would eat salmon is to be explained). Dad likes to grill (bake?) his salmon in the oven.  If you have ever cooked salmon in your conventional kitchen oven, you will know that salmon has a particular odour. It’s an odour that gives me migraines.  Seriously, it’s a trigger for me. For years, I requested that if someone was going to cook salmon, that they please give me a little warning so I could either make myself scarce, or hide somewhere that I couldn’t smell it. Notice I never told anyone not to make it or eat it…just to give me some warning.

That didn’t work out so well.  And I’ve had an aversion to salmon ever since.

Robin has been working on that for awhile. See, he also likes salmon. However, he takes me seriously when I tell him that the smell of salmon baking is a migraine trigger. He has introduced me to salmon sushi rolls and sashimi (sure it’s raw, but no bones!), and now he’s gone one further and grilled up some salmon with a bit of lemon & dill seasoning.

Grilled.  As in cooked outside on our BBQ where it will not make the house overly pungent.

Seems to have done the trick! I ate a majority of the salmon steak, so I’d call this a win. 🙂

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  1. We had salmon from the BBQ tonight, cooked on a cedar plank. DAMN it’s good. Most cedar planks you buy have a spice rub recipe that goes with, and I also cover the salmon with slices of lemon for flavour and to keep the moisture in. It’s SO GOOD. The smokiness and flavour of the cedar… yum yum yum. It also smells amazing outside since it makes the barbecue into a bit of a smoker. Now that you are eating salmon you have to try it. 🙂

    • We shall have to give it a look! I will let Robin know & we will probably go on the hunt for a cedar plank 🙂
      Weirdly enough, any BBQ we’ve owned seem to have “attitude” – pretty much meaning, “doesn’t necessarily want to do what we want it to”. We’ll see if ours will accept the cedar plank, or if it’s “too cool for that sort of fancy hipster nonsense”, lol. Robin has a kind of truce going with it at the moment, so hopefully all will work fine 😉

      • Hah! Ours is a bit finicky too, it doesn’t always have a reasonable/hot flame going. The plank is helpful for that because it lights on fire from underneath, so even when the bbq isn’t working well, the burning wood helps cook the food. I have seen cedar planks for sale at Co-op, Costco, and Safeway, FYI. Oh, and come to think of it, Co-op has (in the frozen meat section) cedar planks with already-spiced salmon on them. And now I’m getting brave, I’ve cooked pork tenderloin on the cedar plank too — also delicious.

        I’d like to try the beer can chicken on the barbecue, I seem to remember you guys have maybe made that in the past?

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