Project Ishbel: 5 Days

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Sometimes I think that it takes forever for me to finish a project.
Often I forget that some of my projects are freakin’ huge (ref: Robin’s Sweater)
Sometimes, I forget that some of my projects are wee, but with tons of tiny stitches (ref: Socks).

Sometimes projects don’t take as long as you think they will.  Or be as difficult as they could be.  Sometimes, just sometimes, you realize that the perfect project is portable, colourful, light, and full of holes.

I started last week and took this:

Sweet Georgia, it's Green!

And turned it into this:

Blocking the finished project.

(Notice the sneaky kitty under the rocking chair)
That, my friends, is a finished (small) Ishbel, designed by one Ms Ysolda Teague.  The yarn is Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock in “Botanical”.  It didn’t want to be socks.  It really didn’t want to be socks.  The first time, the gauge was off.  The second time, the heel turn was sloppy (it was a pair of Sleepy Hollows, and far be it for me to diss a pattern the Yarn Harlot loves, but something just wasn’t working out for me.  Maybe later).  The variegation in the monochromatic green was gorgeous, so I decided to try it as a shawlette.  And I love it.

Finished Ishbel scarf. A relatively quick knitting project.

Today, I wore my new shawlette to work.  Funny enough, it was the gents who noticed.  Thanks, boys 🙂


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