When Worlds Collide…

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So I mentioned that I was doing a little designing? Yep. Look!  It’s a toe!

We picked up new dice bags at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo a couple of weekends ago.  Not really much to report on that front…it was fun, we saw quite a few of our friends, spent a bit of money on new artwork for our home, and got really sore feet. I recommend going on Friday, because Saturday was far too crowded. That aside, we picked up the aforementioned dice bags from Dragon Chow (or someone representing them). Robin has a Cthulhu dice bag and a Sushi-print bag, and I have a black cat bag in addition to the Tardis bag. They do not double as project bags.  They aren’t big enough.  That’s ok…we’re nerdy enough to have dice aplenty to populate our new dice bags. (And what do you think of my somewhat Tardis-y blue dice?  Pretty smokin’, huh?  They’re actually a deep blue-ish shade of purple, but I’ll always think of them as my Tardis Dice 🙂

And then there’s the collision of two different worlds here…I noticed that the colours in the 2nd HitchHiker scarf that I cast on are pretty close to the colours on the cover of the new(ish) edition of Shadowrun (4th Edition). I’m still learning all the rules of the game, but having a good, mindless knit to work on while this happens is fantastic. I’m enjoying reading up on the world the game is set in, and it’s helping me kick-start my imagination…which is never a bad thing!


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